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Boards Progress Report: Day 10

At about minute 10, Naval Ravikant talks about humans more naturally follow a ‘sprint & rest/reflect’ model as opposed to a daily grind herbivorous grazing. I have found the former to be true, but I had been looking at the latter as the ideal. This isn’t to say that I should do less work, but maybe my highly variable speed and interest is usable. It sure seems like hating myself and my limitations is counterproductive.

Boards Progress Report: Day 6

article from amazingmarvin.com

Recommended article: “The water baby method of fighting procrastination”. Critical discovery made about the neurology of procrastination. I know some specifics that go beyond this article, but this is a good behavioral therapeutic approach. Trying it now. I’m breaking the rules as we speak, but I know how to stop now. I hope.

Same site, corollary: “NLP” task working and chunking, good stuff. GTD-like without trying to be.

They actually make a really compelling new GTD-like task list product that looks excellent. They write that they want to put autoscheduling in, but they have time-blocking and a number of Things-esque functions I haven’t seen in a non-ugly app outside macOS. Man, were that today was May 1. I would adore the chance to come at this problem again with a better appreciation for my strengths and deficiencies. But I’m not done yet.

Boards Progress Report: Day 2

Ok, you kept up with videos, but didn’t do questions. You lost time on videos in the middle of the day, and at the end. I’d say you made use of around 9 hours. But no questions.

Solution? Do the questions earlier in the day. Let’s say if they were 1:1 in importance, you’d randomly break them up in 1-2 hour block. If it was 75:25 => 3:1 in importance, but the time to complete was the same for both activities, you should push the higher value.

There are three factors to consider:

factorUWorldBnB w/ StudyBnB w/o StudySketchy
energy cost/h10644

*Sketchy has an overdosing/memory interference effect that degrades payoff after about a half hour each of Micro or Pharm. It’s a mainstay of study for an hour a day, but you don’t beat UWorld after 30 minutes.

So, it should be clear how to allocate your time. See pseudocode:

SketchyMicro ~1h PRN (from Qs)
SketchyPharm ~1h PRN (from Qs)
  UWorld (40Q)
  If Q_remaining/Q_daily_required < time_elapsed/time_avail: double BnB time next loop
  else: halve BnB time next loop (if < 15 min, skip)